Wellness Screenings

Patients today are wise to educate themselves on the many diagnostic and treatment options available to them. More open conversations with their physicians allow for an enhanced understanding of care, improved compliance, and better outcomes.
More informed patients can become pro-active in seeking diagnostic procedures and imaging services that may assist in the early discovery of potential health problems. Piedmont Radiology provides numerous services that have been proven effective as prevention tools.
Please follow the links for more information on each of these procedures and instructions for scheduling appointments.

Barium Enema– A noninvasive x-ray examination of the large intestine, also known as the colon, in which barium paste is infused into the colon to detect pre-cancerous growths called polyps so that they can be treated early.

Bone Density– An enhanced form of x-ray technology used to measure bone loss, which may lead to treatment options that can prevent or delay the onset of osteoporosis, such as bone and spine fractures.

Coronary Calcium Scoring– A non-invasive CT scan of the heart arteries to detect the presence, location, and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries that can lead to a heart attack. This procedure does not require a physician referral.
Lung Cancer CT Screening- A non-invasive CT scan of the lungs that combines special x-ray equipment with sophisticated computers to detect lung tumors much earlier than routine chest Xrays. This exam is especially helpful for patients at risk for developing lung tumors, such as those who smoke cigarettes.

Screening Mammogram– A low-dose x-ray system used to examine breasts and aid in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. This procedure does not require a physician referral.
Virtual Colonoscopy- A non-invasive procedure used to look for signs of pre-cancerous polyps that does not require injection of barium into the colon.